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To equip, inspire, and prepare a generation of writers in the timeless art of storytelling.

St. Basil School is a nine-month, non-profit program focusing on the timeless art of storytelling. This innovative school focuses both on fiction and non-fiction with the belief that "beauty will save the world" (Dostoevsky). Students learn how to connect with today's readers and are prepared for the craft of writing.



Hi! I am Paul Kingsnorth. I have written ten books in various styles and forms, and they all tell the same story, however hard I try to tell another. It’s the story of the brokenness of modern humanity: specifically, of the severing of the link between people and place, between the humans and the wild and between the sacred and the profane; about the results of that severance and how, maybe, we can begin to correct it. My most strongly-held belief is this: that our modern crisis is not economic, political, scientific or technological, and that no ‘answers’ to it will be found in those spheres. I believe that we are living through a deep spiritual crisis; perhaps even a spiritual war. My interest these days is what this means.

Hi! I'm Nicholas Kotar, and I write epic fantasy inspired by Russian fairy tales. As I've been doing research for my novels, I've found a lot of edifying and interesting articles in Russian about Russian history, culture, fairy tales, and traditions. None of them are available in English. What astounded me was how applicable so much of it was to our own day. The stories I found illuminate a lost past where Orthodoxy, history, and culture were all one and the same. In our own time of inner and outer fracturing, these people, events, and stories inspire us to think, act, and live differently--more in tune with our age-old faith, and less pandering to the demands of the fickle world. Plus, a lot of the stories I find are just plain fun and entertaining.

Hi! I am Jonathan Pageau. I am a professional artist, writer and public speaker, giving workshops and conferences all around North America. I teach carving, speaks on art, but mostly explore symbolic structures that underlie our experience of the world. Through my YouTube channel and podcast, The Symbolic World, I also further the conversation on symbolism, meaning and patterns in everything from movies, to icons, to social trends. Articles on the The Symbolic World are contributed by several writers engaged with me in the exploration of Symbolism across all fields.

Hi! I am Katherine Bolger Hyde. I’ve spent my life surrounded by books, as a reader, editor, and writer. My love of classic literature is reflected in my degree in Russian Literature from Reed College. I’ve worked for a number of years as senior editor for Ancient Faith Publishing, where I enjoy mentoring promising writers. I’ve published a traditional mystery series as well as several picture books and a middle-grade fantasy. What they all have in common is the theme of the redemption of broken lives through the power of grace. I live in the redwood forests of the central California coast, and in my spare time, I can generally be found knitting while watching British mystery series or singing soprano in my local Orthodox choir.​

Hi! I am Nicole Roccas. I’m a writer, podcaster, and communications professional at the intersection between faith and the “tough stuff” in life like mortality, time, infertility, doubt, and grief. I grew up in Wisconsin, did my graduate work in Cincinnati, and lived in Germany for a few years before settling down in Toronto in 2013. Along the way, I converted to Eastern Orthodox Christianity, received my PhD, and began writing and podcasting. But beneath the veneer, life isn’t always easy. From a young age, I’ve been fascinated and haunted by the deep, answerless questions of existence: why do we die? What is eternity? What is the purpose of suffering? In my writing, podcasting, and speaking, I seek to bridge the hope and meaning of faith with the reality of suffering and grief.   

What: Creative Writing Program 

When: July, 2022 to May, 2023

Where: In Person Writer's Workshop, then online from there

How Much: Check the Tuition page

Course Titles (in order)

Kingsnorth: Rewilding your Words: How to Write Active Setting Through a Renewed Connection to the Natural World
Kotar: Techniques of Fiction Writing: Tips and tools from the masters of the craft
Pageau: Worldbuilding: how to create internally consistent and symbolically compelling worlds in your fiction
Hyde: Crafting compelling characters through voice and point of view
Roccas: The Art and Craft of Soul-Centered Writing: Integrating the spiritual life with one's writing career.


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