• What do I need to be admitted? You must be out of high school, or something similar if an international student.

  • Is writing experience necessary to be accepted? We expect students to be decent writers who are trying to reach the next level.

  • How do I apply? Click HERE to apply.



  • Do you offer financial aid? We do not offer financial aid at this time. We can provide a payment plan upon request.


  • Can I apply for individual courses? We do not offer individual courses because each course builds upon the learning in previous courses.

  • When does the next cohort start? A new cohort starts summer.

  • What will I receive at graduation? A "Certificate of Creative Writing from St. Basil School" at graduation.

  • How do I request a transcript? Fill out this contact FORM to request a transcript.

  • Does the school provide accommodations for students with disabilities? We are willing to make reasonable accommodations to support students with disabilities. Some disabilities and impairments may hinder a student's ability to complete the program.


  • Can I transfer credits from another school? Due to the unique approach and content of our courses, we are unable to accept transfer credit. 

  • Will my credits transfer to another school? The transferability of credits you earn at St. Basil is at the discretion of the other institution. 


  • If I withdraw, can I get a refund? Tuition is refundable up until June 1st. No refund is available on June 2nd, 2022.


  • Where is the retreat? The retreat will take place in the north at a secluded location. Details will be shared as soon as possible.